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Passionate about the city of Wolverhampton, its neighbouring areas, our young people and the power of pupils to make a difference to the world in which we live.

St Francis and St Clare Catholic Multi Academy Company’s motto is to inspire our communities to follow the Catholic values of our saints and to ‘Follow the Light of Christ’.

Our Catholic Multi Academy Company (MAC) was formed in September 2019 and has been set up to unite many of the Catholic schools of the Wolverhampton Catholic Deanery and to develop them into beacons of outstanding Catholic education. The MAC will bear witness to the good news of the Gospel, showing the light of our Catholic faith in our city and wider area.

Our purpose as a Catholic Multi Academy is to help all pupils, students and staff to discover their full spiritual potential, reflecting the centre of our Catholic faith which is to love God and our neighbour, both in our school communities and in our wider neighbourhood of Wolverhampton. Our aim is to provide an outstanding Catholic education for all our pupils through excellent teaching and learning, continuous improvement and providing creative and innovative opportunities, so that all our pupils and staff develop and contribute to the common good of our wider, diverse society.

Mission and Vision

St Francis and St Clare- Our Patrons.

Our Multi Academy Company is named after two saints, St Francis and St Clare who both have as much meaning for us today, as they did in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries when they lived.

Putting Christ at the centre of all they did, with lives of prayer and action, they expressed concern for the poor, lived a simple lifestyle, and appreciated the whole of creation as a gift from God.

Our Logo Our logo represents the essence of our two saints, Francis and Clare, who lived in Assisi many years ago, but whose lives and actions still resonate with young people today. St Francis and St Clare had great care for helping the poor and this is reflected today as social justice in the fundraising and charitable giving organised by our academies. St Francis and St Clare’s great love for creation and the natural world, showing forth the work of God, is reflected in the concerns our young people have for their world, and the effects of climate change. St Francis was a peacemaker too; the prayer written anonymously but generally associated with him ‘ Make me a channel of your peace’ is very well known, and frequently sung as a hymn.

We hope and pray that the values that St Francis and St Clare portrayed, will inspire all who attend, work and teach at our Academies, to achieve outstanding education and lives of devoted service to the Common Good.

Prayer of St Francis kneeling before the San Damiano Cross near Assisi “Most High glorious God, enlighten the darkness of my heart. Give me right faith, sure hope and perfect charity. Fill me with understanding and knowledge that I may fulfill your command”